Month: September 2022

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Upgrades happening to our FM signal

We are in the process of upgrading our FM audio processing system which means not only will we sound better, our signal will be louder in those areas with poor signal. Also, we now broadcast our Station name and some other messages which can be seen on modern FM radios and newer car radios (RDS). If you see these messages on your radio, please send us a photo to our […]

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Listen to us on your mobile

Now you can listen to Hawkesbury Radio though the MyTuner app, free to download via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. With this free app, you can listen to YOUR Hawkesbury Radio all day, every day in clear rich stereo through your mobile device. Connect it by Bluetooth to your car's stereo, headphones or your home stereo system. Even when we aren't allowed to broadcast on the FM […]

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